Termimesh and Termistop is installed during construction to effectively “build” termites out by blocking entry points in the slab.

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Termimesh & Termite Treatments FAQs

Termimesh is a unique physical termite barrier using a simple concept of marine–grade stainless steel mesh to stop termites entering structures through concealed entry points.

Termimesh is considered to be the most proven and effective of all termite barriers for new construction and has been a trusted name in termite protection and termite prevention for decades.

Termistop products are pre–fabricated, “ready–to–use” flanges and bath trap blockers that are made out of Termimesh. These products are installed around surface penetrations for plumbing or electrical pipes during construction to keep termites out.

Yes. The system has been protecting homes in the world’s toughest termite climates for over 20 years. More tan 400,000 homes are being protected by Termimesh worldwide right now.

Definitely. Only Termimesh is protected by the Pledge guarantee*.

Our Pledge guarantee is unique to Termimesh and comes with a no dollar limit in the unlikely event of a claim. Pledge is a timber replacement guarantee covering the installation, materials and ongoing effectiveness of the Termimesh System.

*The Pledge guarantee is limited and conditions apply.

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