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Termimesh and Termistop Success Stories

There is always something new happening with the Termimesh System and Termistop. Please reference the informative news stories, press releases, and links to media coverage on this page and learn more on how the only approved physical termite barriers on the market can help protect structures from damaging termites.

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Customer Testimonials

It’s always good when your customers have something nice to say about you. Read what architects, builders, pest management professionals, and homeowners have to say about the Termimesh System and Termistop.

“Termimesh is the only practical and permanent non–toxic termite treatment on the market. It is also a critical component of our efforts to promote ‘real and relevant’ green building. Specifically, it preserves the quality of the groundwater and reduces the chance for indoor air quality problems – both associated with traditional chemical based treatments. It is the ONLY system we use on ALL of our homes in Texas, and would welcome the ability to specify it for all of the residential and commercial projects throughout the United States.”

Peter L Pfeiffer, FAIA
Barley & Pfeiffer Architects
Austin, Texas

” I’m a huge fan of Termimesh, and I’ve used it exclusively for the past seven years. This technology will prevent termite infestations for the life of the houses I built; it does not harm the environment and is cost-effective. It’s a winning combination.

“Green building’s first and foremost tenant in my mind is ‘do no harm.’ When we compare the Termimesh System to traditional chemical-based termite measures there is no comparison. This is a static system that will last the life of the house and has zero environmental impact. I love Termimesh.”

Matt Risinger
Risinger Homes
Austin, Texas

“These are exceptional products that help to impede/prevent termite infiltration into the house’s wood framing for a 100 plus years. No yearly termite service costs, no poisons around your house. I wouldn’t even consider not using Termistop or Termimesh in any construction project that would benefit from these products as part of the termite prevention system.”

Tony Grahame
Green Building Technology Faculty
College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
University of Georgia